The investment represents a complete reconstruction of the existing, but thorough (energy and structural) renovation and restructuring of the Pension Lukov dom Kope .

A complete reconstruction will be carried out, including:

  • New swimming pool,
  • Wellness extension,
  • Energy renovation of the façade with new thermal insulation,
  • Roof renovation,
  • Underfloor heating,
  • Reconstruction of premises.

The type of the initial investment is considered as ": Complete reconstruction of Luke's home with investments in complementary activities".New tourist products and facilities are added as part of the reconstruction, which as a whole represents a complete transformation of the accommodation establishment - diversification into a bed and breakfast.

The purpose of the investment is the functional complete reconstruction of the guesthouse, which promotes sustainable development of the guesthouse through energy renovation. Through material savings and energy efficiency we will commit the business to sustainable environmental performance. The investment also aims to ensure increased competitiveness through a new tourist offer that allows for extended guest stays and a longer season throughout the year, which is crucial for Pohorje, which tends to seasonalise due to its skiing infrastructure.

The objectives of the investment are aligned with the objectives of the NOP and the objectives of the Slovenian Tourism Development Strategy 2022-2028.

  •  Strong positioning in the field of environmental sustainability
  • Increasing added value in tourism through the sustainable development of the tourism offer into higher added value tourism

The main objective is the complete reconstruction of the guesthouse into a sports guesthouse and the purchase of the necessary equipment. Secondly, the introduction of new tourist products is important for the diversification of the guesthouse, which, together with the new tourist offer, will complete the meaning of a year-round holiday in the mountains, thus extending the possibility for tourists to relax all year round, even outside the main season. We want to offer tourists a sporting, green, authentic and boutique experience as part of year-round tourism . In this way, we will ensure an increase in added value, revenue from activities and an increase in the number of tourism products.

A key result of the investment is the diversification of the home into a guest house. Planned results of the investment:

  • improving the quality of the tourism offer,
  • the creation of a new tourist offer at Kopa,
  • the investment's contribution to the green passage.

The total investment, including VAT, amounts to EUR 1,661,400.86.

Amount of co-financing: EUR 807.776,73

Investment start date: 20.12.2022

Investment completion date: 30.6.2026

Recovery and Resilience Plan, Development Area C3: Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, Component K11: Sustainable Development of Slovenian Tourism, including Cultural Heritage and Investment IB: Sustainable Development of Slovenian Tourist Accommodation to Increase the Added Value of Tourism

The investment is part of the actions of the plan financed by the mechanism

"Funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU"


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