Bike park
a real adrenaline treat for mountain biking enthusiasts.

In summer, Kopa is home to a real adrenaline treat for mountain biking enthusiasts - the Bike Park Kope. Located in the heart of the Pohorje Forest, more specifically in Pungart, this real magic for cyclists offers many elements that will delight extreme cycling enthusiasts and satisfy your desire for adrenaline-fuelled cycling. The park offers several different routes for different levels of skill and courage.

All the routes in the Bike Park Kope are connected by the Pungart chairlift, which makes access easier and allows for more rides in one day. And if you decide to visit this adrenaline paradise, don't forget your safety equipment, which you can easily rent from Zajc at the SPORT KOPE office.

The Bike Park at Kopa is open on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00 to 18:00. The chairlift is not open in case of rain or bad weather, so keep an eye on the weather forecast before you set off on your cycling adventure.

In addition to the adrenaline rush, your taste buds are also catered for, with snacks such as pizza and Wiener steak with pommes frites available at the Hare.

Whether you are a mountain biking enthusiast or want to try out this adrenaline sport, the Bike Park Kope is the ideal destination for those looking for unique and unforgettable summer adventures on a mountain bike.

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Flow Line: This course is a feast for the eyes and adrenaline lovers. It offers a ride through open sections and forest tracks that will take you through wild turns and steep descents. The length of this track is approximately 1.6 km, allowing you to indulge in adrenaline rushes and enjoy the mountain environment.

Pro Line (under construction): the Pro Line is exclusively for cyclists who want the ultimate challenge. This course features wooden platforms, bridges and jumps measuring up to 12 metres. This track is a real challenge for the true biker and is sure to satisfy the expectations of adrenaline enthusiasts.

Bike park Pahernik - Velika Kopa - a newly built track in 2023 is located between the Pahernik and Velika Kopa ski slopes. The newly built Pahernik chairlift also features a rack for transporting bicycles to the starting point of the cycle paths. The track is designed for better recreational cyclists. 

Bike trail Kopnik - a newly built trail in 2023 is located on the Kopnik ski slope. The newly built chairlift (2023) Kopnik also has a rack for transporting bikes to the starting point of the cycle trails. The track is designed for better recreational cyclists. 

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