We offer a top skiing experience with full equipment and service.

Skiing and snowboarding at Kopa doesn't end when you reach the top of the slopes. Here, we offer you the ultimate skiing experience with full equipment and service to ensure your safety and comfort on the white slopes.

We understand that buying your own ski or snowboard equipment does not make sense for everyone, as many of you only use your ski equipment a few days a year. That's why we've come up with the perfect solution for you - renting equipment instead of buying it. Our rental shop will provide you with all the equipment you need, including skis or board, boots, poles and helmet. We also organise free ski and snowboard tests every year.

We offer the latest ski equipment that is regularly maintained, which means that your enjoyment on the snow will be more enjoyable and, above all, safer. You can choose from different equipment classes, including children's equipment, comfort equipment and premium equipment.

we also offer ski equipment servicing

As well as equipment hire, we also offer ski equipment servicing, using the latest Wintersteiger technology to give your skis and snowboards the best possible finish. Ski service is essential for your safety and enjoyment on the snow, and we recommend it in the following cases:

When you can no longer make ideal (carving) turns on hard or icy surfaces.

When you notice that there is no longer enough speed on a smooth, almost straight track (which requires renewing the arches and lubrication).

When your skis or snowboard start to vibrate on the flats (which means it's time to sand the liner).

Before the first skiing of the season (as an improperly stored ski will become dry over the summer and the edges will not sharpen).

At least once a month during the ski season, ensuring that your equipment stays in top condition until the next ski season.

In addition to our normal service, we offer the following services:

  • Installation and adjustment of fittings.
  • Watering and sanding the sliding surface.
  • Sanding and tuning of kerbs.
  • Machine lubrication with universal waxes.
  • Polishing and final waxing for perfect grip on snow.

No equipment reservation is required for day skiing, but for night skiing, please call us to reserve your night skiing equipment.

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