Challenges in the Adrenaline Park Kope, including high and low elements and obstacles. Overcoming obstacles on the highest skill polygon.

The freshest adrenaline park in Slovenia has 7 climbing routes and 65 elements of varying difficulty levels. It consists of climbing walls, adrenaline drops, bridges, nets and zip-lines that will take you to the next adventure route.

It is located along the trunks and canopy of the spruce forest, and all existing trees, habitats and animal homes have been preserved. So don't be surprised if you find a forest dweller on or near it. With new equipment, a sturdy layout and trained instructors, teams will compete in skills challenges that offer safe fun.


  • Luke's Swing - At this height station, each individual chooses their desired height and directs the group on how hard to swing. The station fosters cooperation, learning to listen and respect the wishes of others, while allowing you to choose the level of adrenaline that suits you.
  • Flying Squirrel - This high-altitude station offers different levels of adrenaline and challenge depending on group dynamics and cooperation. It requires courage and physical fitness to overcome fears and let yourself be carried away by the experience of flying at height. By accepting the challenge, individuals build confidence, overcome limitations and experience a sense of achievement and conquering heights.
  • Restless Tower - This station requires skill, stamina and high group concentration. The individual builds a tower of "crates" under himself, with the group helping him by passing and supporting him. The key is to keep the tower from collapsing, which requires precision,
  • the cooperation and coordination of all members.
  • Island Catching - This activity requires participants to do more than simply overcome physical obstacles. It encourages cooperation, strategy development and effective teamwork. The group is challenged to reach scattered "islands" which are reached by swinging a rope. The task is to coordinate skills and develop a plan for all members to successfully occupy the islands, with the layouts and difficulties escalating.


  • Barbecue picnic


  • 5 hours


  • Reception at "Berklci"
  • One page
  • Drinks: subject to price list


  • Party with DJ


  • Grmovškov dom
  • Lukov dom



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