DISC golf
pA popular summer activity at Kope, combining elements of traditional golf with the simplicity and dynamism of discus (frisbee) throwing.

Instead of hitting the ball into the hole, players try to throw the disc into a specially designed metal basket. The aim is the same as in golf: to complete the course with as few throws as possible.

The game starts with the ejection zone, where the player makes the first throw. For each subsequent throw, the player shall stand on the spot where the previous disc landed. The surrounding terrain, characterised by trees, bushes and rugged terrain, provides an additional challenge for disc golfers. The game ends when the disc lands in the basket after the last throw.

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At Kopa you will find

At Kope you will find MultiGolfPark, an innovative sports course that combines several different sports, including park golf, disc golf and football. This allows more fun and more sport for all generations. All three sports are easy to understand and learn quickly, and do not require lengthy training or complex sports preparation.

The courses on this playground are shorter and more simple compared to specialised playgrounds, allowing children, parents and even grandparents to have fun at the same time. In addition, additional obstacles such as trees, uneven terrain and artificial obstacles make the game more interesting and dynamic.

The concept of the playground is designed so that different players can play different sports at the same time in the same place, with the same end goal for all three sports. At the end of each track there is a disc golf basket with an integrated park golf and football hole, creating a complete experience and the possibility of different challenges on the same course.

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