An exceptional natural destination that is a paradise for hikers

Pohorje, this exceptional natural destination, is a hiker's paradise, and will undoubtedly captivate you with its diversity and natural beauty. Vast forests, peat bogs with idyllic lakes and vast grassy plains will accompany you on unforgettable hikes through this natural oasis - Pohorje. Kope The hills that rise above this beautiful area are the perfect starting point for exploring this wonderful environment. And best of all, all you need for this kind of adventure are your trainers, a little perseverance and a good mood.

list of the best hiking trails


At the Kopa site itself, 13 points have been found and identified that have a beneficial or positive effect on our health. As the pace of life is getting faster, people are increasingly looking for ways to improve their health and well-being. Energy points are one of the most important alternative treatments that we will need to give more weight to in the future in terms of the tourism offer. 

Holding in such places has a calming effect on the person, stimulating acupuncture points and softening the meridians, cleansing the body in the depths and restoring vital energy. Some people feel the powerful healing energies as a tingling sensation, a prickling sensation or a change in temperature, and even after such hikes and activities we still feel fresh and energised for several days.


If you need some time to yourself, the Rooster Lake is also very inviting, offering a beautiful view, wooden deck chairs and relaxing moments. There is a shorter and easier hiking trail that leads to Petelinje Jezero, which winds along the Pungart track. During the winter season, the main purpose of the lake is to make snow, but during the summer it turns into a paradise for hikers and for all those who want to relax. 

On the sun loungers next to the lake, you can recharge your batteries and relax while enjoying the magnificent view of the ski resort Kope. 


grmovškov dom - frozen fountain

North-west of Černý vrch is Mrzli studenec, one of the highest springs in Pohorje. There you can refresh yourself with cold Pohorje water. There are also blueberry fields near the summit.



One of the most beautiful and well-known trails in Pohorje is definitely the trail from Pungart to Ribnica Cottage. You can spend a beautiful day in nature if you set off in the morning from the Grmovský Homes and walk to the Ribniška Hut. There are benches next to the hut where you can have a snack, then you can walk to Lake Ribnica or slowly return to Grmovškov dom. 

The Ribnica Cottage is located in the Ribnica Pohorje Mountains, below the Little Black Peak and the Jezerski Peak. The hut offers a beautiful view of the peaks and hills above the Drava Valley. The cottage is open all year round and has 40 beds in ten rooms and another 25 in dormitories. The hut is also a point on the Slovenian mountain trail. There is also a small ski centre in the immediate vicinity. Lake Ribniško jezero is about half an hour from the cottage. 



The Ribnica Lakes are a nature reserve and a Natura 2000 protected area. It is not a real lake, but a high peat bog, which is characterised by being fed only by rainwater. Ribnica Lake is situated at an altitude of 1490 metres, at the foot of Jezersko Peak, and is one of the most beautiful peat bogs in Pohorje.

A walking trail will take you to the idyllic nature of its surroundings. The bottom of the lakes is covered with mosses, and peat layers reach up to 2 m deep on the southern shore of the lake. Under the peat is a layer of black, humic peaty mud, about 2 m thick, followed by yellow-brown sand, and at a depth of about 3 m, the solid omenina begins. The vegetation around the lake belongs to the community of rushes and peat mosses.



Črni vrh is located 10 minutes from the trail to Ribniško Hut, at 1543 metres above sea level, and is the highest peak of Pohorje. It will take you 50 minutes from Pungart. The summit is covered with heath grass and the eastern and northern sides with low spruce trees. There is a sign on the summit consisting of three tall metal crosses connected at the top and three wedges at the base. Next to it is a box with a register and a stamp. The sign says that it stands on the highest peak of Pohorje, and that it was erected on the initiative of the Mislinja PD and the Šentilj pod Turjakom Mayor's Office. Velika Kopa can be seen from the top. On the southern side lies the Mislinjska Valley, with Paški Kozjak and Graška gora rising first. On the southern slopes of Pohorje are scattered farms that provided shelter and food for partisan units during the NOB. To the west rise Uršlja Gora, Peca, Olševa and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, while to the north rise Košenjak, Golica and Kozjak. If visibility is good, the Julijce Mountains and the High and Low Tours can be seen far on the horizon. The area around Černý vrch is rich in blueberry trees, and you will also see small livestock.



They are located in an area of high moorland in the middle of the Pohorje Mountains, between Ribnica Pohorje and Rogla. The lakes can be viewed along a wooden walkway that is set above the marsh. At the beginning of the trail there is a lookout tower from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lakes and the moor. Lovren Moor is one of the largest high moors in Slovenia. The moor consists of two parts, separated by a forest. The moor's 20 small lakes are its most famous feature and gave the moor its name, the Lovrenška jezera (Lovren Lakes). It has a ridge top position and its age is estimated at 8000 years. The entire Lovrenška Moor has no surface inflow and receives its water exclusively from precipitation. The lakes are water-bearing even during the peak summer drought.

The protected area of the Lovrenško Moor belongs to the largest Slovenian forest reserve, the Ribniško-Lovrenška jezera forest reserve. The bogs are important as water reservoirs and habitats for rare animal and plant species. 


circular tour (grmovškov dom - mala kopa - partizanski dom - grmovškov dom)

Mala Kopa is a lesser-known peak in the western part of Pohorje. Like its higher neighbour Velika Kopa, it is also embedded in a ski resort Kope. The peak is not very scenic, but as the path to it leads via Velika Kope, the views can be enjoyed on the latter. From Mala Kope , the flat-topped slopes of Velika Kope and the vast dark forested slopes of Pohorje to the east are even more beautiful.

The Partisan Home is located at the foot of the Mala Kope and offers a magnificent view of the Mislinja valley nearby, but if you climb a little higher, you will also be enchanted by the Drava valley and the Austrian hillsides. It is located right next to the ski slopes, just 80 metres from the four-seater Kaštivnik. The Partisan Lodge is accessible by road from Slovenj Gradec, 18 kilometres away, or by the Kaštivnik quad chairlift from the Vuzenica side. 

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