The investment consists of the "COMPLETE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SLOVENJ GRADEC HOTEL WITH ENERGY SANITATION AND INVESTMENT IN COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES", which will enable the sustainable development of the accommodation infrastructure to achieve an increase in the quality of infrastructure and higher quality services to increase competitiveness and added value in tourism. It concerns the 'COMPLETE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SLOVENJ GRADEC HOTEL WITH ENERGY RECONSTRUCTION AND INVESTMENT IN COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES' and falls under CLASS 1 - Co-financing of investments in the complete renovation of the hotel. The investment represents the diversification of the services of the business unit into services not previously produced in the area concerned. The investment consists in investing in a hotel which, once completed, will have 72 accommodation units in the 4* category.

The objectives of the investment are aligned with the objectives of the NOO and the objectives of the Strategy for the Development of Slovenian Tourism 2022-2028:

  • Strong positioning in the field of environmental sustainability
  • Increasing added value in tourism through the sustainable development of the tourism offer into higher added value tourism

The total investment, including VAT, amounts to EUR 1,661,400.86.

Amount of co-financing: EUR 807.776,73

Investment start date: 20.12.2022

Investment completion date: 30.6.2026

Recovery and Resilience Plan, Development Area C3: Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, Component K11: Sustainable Development of Slovenian Tourism, including Cultural Heritage and Investment IB: Sustainable Development of Slovenian Tourist Accommodation to Increase the Added Value of Tourism

The investment is part of the actions of the plan financed by the mechanism

"Funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU"

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