A CULINARY experience
a night hike along the Holcerček trail and a culinary experience at Rooster Lake.

We invite you to join us for a unique night hike along the Holcerček Trail, where we will embark on an exceptional boutique experience full of authenticity and adventure. Our mission is not only to discover natural beauty, but also to highlight the importance of cooking in an organic way. Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Rooster Lake in Kope!

HOLCERČEK'S TRAIL AND PETELINJE LAKE: The hike will start on Holcerček's Trail, which leads through picturesque forest paths and reveals hidden corners of nature. Our destination is the Rooster Lake, where you will discover the richness of the wild rooster and its natural habitat. Through storytelling and teaching, you will better understand the importance of preserving natural environments for animals.

🍽️ CULINARY EXPERIENCE: A unique culinary experience awaits you when you arrive at the lake. Our chefs will prepare natural meals with organic ingredients. The flavours of the dishes will be linked to local traditions while reflecting respect for nature. All dishes will be served in recyclable packaging, underlining our commitment to sustainability.

🌎 ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS: While you enjoy the flavours, we will share knowledge about the ecological importance of good behaviour in nature. It is important that we work together to preserve habitats for wildlife, while raising awareness about the link between cuisine and ecology. Through the interplay of flavours, you will become more aware of how every bite can contribute to preserving the environment.

🌌 NIGHT UNDER THE STARRY SKY: The evening will culminate under the starry sky, where you will be able to watch the magic of the night sky. Warm hues and natural sounds will create a fairytale environment to relax and connect with nature.

Join us on this unforgettable ecological experience, where hiking, cuisine and nature intertwine in a harmonious whole that reflects respect for the environment.

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