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Energy points

The mystical experience allows you to relax physically and mentally and to cleanse the energy centres known as chakras. Kopah in summer offers not only natural beauty, but also a special opportunity to explore your own inner balance. Energy Points await you at the top of Pungart, which you can reach on foot or comfortably by chairlift. This mystical experience allows you to physically

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Mountain wellness

Step into the world of saunas, where you can relax and forget about everyday worries. Just a stone's throw from the ski slopes, Luka's home offers a true mountain wellness centre, perfect for those who want the ultimate in relaxation after an active day outdoors. Choose from 5 different saunas, which will provide you with the perfect

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Mini trail

a special summer attraction aimed at our youngest visitors. Kope holds many surprises, including the Mini Trail - a special summer attraction aimed at our youngest visitors. Designed especially for children who are just starting to get to grips with riding pushchairs and bicycles, it is also a great opportunity to develop their first

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Bike park

A real adrenaline treat for mountain biking enthusiasts . In the summer, Kopa is home to a real adrenaline treat for mountain biking enthusiasts - the Bike Park Kope. Located in the heart of the Pohorje Forest, more specifically in Pungart, this real magic for cyclists offers many elements that will delight extreme biking enthusiasts and satisfy your desire for adrenaline-fuelled cycling.

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Summer adventures in the Kopa Mountains are not limited to mountain hiking For those who want to explore the landscape in a more active way, cycling is the ideal summer activity. Carinthia, where Kope is located, is known for its dense network of off-road and forest roads and numerous cycle paths, which offer a unique opportunity for mountain biking and exploring.

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Sports pitches

Ideal for a wide range of sporting events. The ski resort Kope is known for its winter fun, but in summer it transforms into a true sports oasis. Here you will find numerous sports facilities that are ideal for a wide variety of sporting events, whether it's a relaxed sports day, an exclusive VIP sports event or an exciting tournament. In summer

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The little boy's adventure

A unique summer adventure in the company of a kind-hearted elf named Holcerček Welcome to Kopá, a magical part of Pohorje, where a unique summer adventure in the company of a kind-hearted elf named Holcerček awaits you. In this magical landscape, you will follow his footsteps and explore his story with his friends in search of hidden treasure. Enter Holcer's adventure! You will follow

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DISC golf

pA popular summer activity at Kope, combining elements of traditional golf with the simplicity and dynamism of discus throwing (frisbees). Instead of hitting the ball into the hole, players try to throw the disc into a specially designed metal basket. The aim is the same as in golf: to finish the course with as few throws as possible. The game starts with an ejection zone where the player makes the first throw.

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An exceptional natural destination that is a hiker's paradise Pohorje, this exceptional natural destination, is a hiker's paradise that will undoubtedly captivate you with its diversity and natural beauty. The vast forests, peat bogs with idyllic lakes and vast grassy meadows will accompany you on unforgettable hikes through this natural oasis.

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