Ski school

We offer programmes for pre-school children, primary school children, school pupils, students, adults, seniors and the young at heart - in short, for the whole population. PRICE LIST WINTER 2023/2024 The Ski and Snowboard School Kope strives to offer only the best to its customers every year. Experienced, licensed ski and snowboard instructors [...]

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Cross-country skiing

a great opportunity for exercise and physical activity. Winter in Kopa offers not only skiing and snowboarding, but also a wonderful opportunity for cross-country skiing, which is a great winter activity for the whole body. Cross-country skiing is known for its healing power and its benefits for the whole body, as all muscles work during cross-country skiing. In addition, it is

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combines exercise and discovering unspoilt winter beauty When the snow falls and nature transforms into a magical winter landscape, Kopa offers very special opportunities for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Snowshoeing, which combines exercise and discovering unspoilt winter beauty, is also a winter activity that allows you to fully enjoy the natural

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Ski Cross

for lovers of speed, adrenaline and action on skis If you love speed, adrenaline and action on skis, then ski cross (ski cross) is the right discipline for you. Kopa boasts its own SKI cross course, where everyone is welcome if they want to experience an explosive adrenaline rush on the white slopes. Cross-country skiing is a freestyle skiing discipline

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Adrenaline Surfing at Kopa For all surfers and white slopes enthusiasts, Kope is a paradise! Our ski destination offers an exceptional snowboarding experience where fast turns, challenging obstacles and carefully groomed slopes await to get your heart racing! Snowboarding at Kopa is a hugely popular winter activity that offers something

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We offer a top skiing experience with full equipment and service. At Kopa, skiing and snowboarding don't end when you reach the top of the slopes. Here we offer you a top skiing experience with full equipment and service to ensure your safety and comfort on the white slopes. We understand that buying your own ski or board equipment

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Mountain wellness

Step into the world of saunas, where you can relax and forget about everyday worries. Just a stone's throw from the ski slopes, Luka's home offers a true mountain wellness centre, perfect for those who want the ultimate in relaxation after an active day outdoors. Choose from 5 different saunas, which will provide you with the perfect

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LETOS WITH 13 SKIING HILLS AND NEW SEATS Skiing at Kopa is a real winter treat for all lovers of this sport. On this ski resort you will find a wide variety of options for skiing and snowboarding, whatever your experience. The ski resort Kope has more than 8 km of groomed ski slopes suitable for all tastes.

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