Unspoiled nature, newly fallen fluffy snow, silence and snow crystals reflected in the sun – whoever can’t do without hills, fresh mountain air and beautiful views even in winter, snowshoeing offers the opportunity to be active even on a thick blanket of snow. Thus, with large feet that make it easier for us to walk on the snow, we can discover the beauties of nature in winter disguise. Snowshoeing easily connects sports and experiences in nature and is thus suitable for all generations. It is good for our health because it strengthens the heart and blood vessels, and we also burn some calories.

There is a hike with an escort for you:

Price Duration Difficulty
Ribniška koča 20€ cca 3h Hard hike
Črni vrh 15€ cca 2h Medium hike
Partizanski dom 15€ cca 2h Medium hike
Energetske točke* 10€ cca 1h Easy hike
Energetske točke* + dinner and wellnes at Lukov dom 30€ cca 1h Easy hike
Postojanka Zajc* 10€ cca 1h Easy hike

The price of the hike with an escort includes equipment (snowshoes and poles).

Hikers only need warm clothes, a hat, gloves and shoes. We also recommend leggings. The guide / companion will distribute the equipment before the hike, acquaint you with the correct installation of snowshoes and the basics of snowshoeing.

Guided hikes are also possible during the week by prior arrangement. For more information or to book an appointment, call us on 00386 41 246 238 or write to us at

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