Organization of competitions

Do you want to take a break from work for a short time and compete with your colleagues on the white slopes? Do you want to combine relaxation, recreation and fun in this way? A ski or snowboard competition is an ideal opportunity for fun, sports and relaxing socializing with friends, co-workers or business partners. The competition is used by many to strengthen relationships with co-workers and their family members, informal socializing with business partners or as a unique introduction to fun with friends.

One of the most beautiful routes “t.i. ski slope Pungart ”, is suitable for all categories which is located in the idyllic nature of the ski resort Kope. We adapt the track to your wishes, as we can set up a combination of vsl, skicross and “banked” tracks, small jumps, waves, gangs and make the race more attractive and, above all, more varied for all participants.

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