Children’s polygon with conveyor belt

The Kope ski resort is a family ski resort and for this purpose we have opened one of the largest children’s polygons in Slovenia in Kope in the coming winter season.

The Holcerček polygon consists of two parts, namely for the youngest there is a conveyor belt located under the terrace of Grmovškov dom and it contains various didactic aids for faster progress of our youngest guests. Holcerček Children’s Park connects to the Sedlo children’s ski resort, where children receive various basic aids and games that make learning easier and more fun (a funlope winding track with snow waves, children’s ski jumps, tunnels, children’s giant slalom,…).

The children’s park also includes a snow tubing track and a toboggan run. All activities in the polygon take place under the guidance of the pedagogical staff of the Nitro Kope ski school.

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