Holcerček’s adventurous adventure

Holcerček's adventurous adventure

Welcome to the charming and beautiful part of Pohorje in Kope, where a kind-hearted dwarf lives by the name Holcerček and will take you and his friends through his story all the way to the hidden treasure. Along the marked path you will look for its thematic points, get to know the story of Rooster Lake, Holcerček, The Flood Man and the hidden treasure.
The goal is to find the hidden treasure and solve all the tasks in the thematic booklet. At each point, you stamp the point, read part of the story, and complete one of the tasks Holcerček has prepared for you. You can choose between a shorter and a longer version of the route, depending on how much time and desire you have to move. On the way, take time to observe the beautiful nature, breathe in the fresh air and take time to relax. For help, you have a map in the booklet so that you don’t get lost. Once you find all the points, complete all the tasks in the thematic booklet and collect all the stamps, head to NITRO KOPE, where you get a nice gift and you will be richer for a great adventure.
A great adventure for children and families. Prior reservation is not required.

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