Disc golf in Multigolf

Disc golf in Multigolf

Disc Golf is a game very similar to traditional golf, except that instead of hitting the ball in the hole, we throw the disc (frisbee) into a specially designed metal basket. The goal is the same: to finish the course with as few throws as possible. After the initial throw from the ejection zone, the player starts each subsequent throw at the place where the previous disc landed. Trees, shrubs and rugged terrain provide a challenge for the disc-golfer. The game is over when the disc lands in the basket after the last throw.
MultiGolfPark is an innovative sports field that combines park golf, disc golf and foot golf. The multigolf course offers more fun and more sports for everyone. All three sports are very simple and do not require long-term training and in-depth sports preparation. The trails are shorter and easier than on specialized playgrounds, so children, their parents and grandparents can have fun at the same time. Various obstacles such as trees, uneven terrain and various artificial obstacles make the game even more interesting and dynamic. The concept of the playground is set up so that different players can play different sports in the same place, with the ultimate goal for all sports in the same place. At the end of each course is a discgolf basket with an integrated hole for park golf and nogogolf. The starting zone and the final goal are the same for all three sports.

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