An opportunity for organized groups who want something more and better.
Teambuildings at an altitude of 1377 m represent a very special experience. We enable our clients to carry out adventure experiences and teambuildings at high, low, adventure and sports stations located in unspoiled nature.
- improve the working atmosphere in the team,
- direct the personal development of individuals,
- develop the potential of your company and leaders together,
- Strengthen team spirit among co-workers.


We combine activities with exercises / games according to the Outdoor Experience® program in cooperation with NITRO Kope, which combines elements of experiential pedagogy, good skills, learning about one's own abilities and boundaries, problem solving and approaches for better group work.


Luka swing

(high element) - Each participant determines their own challenge - that is, how high the group pulls it and how hard it will swing as a result.


Indian hike

(low element) - Through this station, the group learns that cooperation is the foundation of any success.


Island hunting

(low station - low element) - Together it is necessary to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the team and prepare an implementation plan.


Restless tower

(high element): Important skill, endurance and concentration of the whole group.


Spider network

(low element) It is important that groups find a solution for each individual.


Cycling with electric bikes

(sports station) - With bicycles along the part of western Pohorje.


Pohorje climbing

(high element - high element) - Here the participants have the opportunity to climb 16m high on a tree. Security is taken over by the group itself, which helps to increase trust between the participants.


Dangerous river

(low element - low element) - The group can successfully solve the task only with mutual help.


Disc golf

(sports station) - The game is similar to classic golf and an 18-hole course. The ball is replaced by a frisbee / disc hole and a specially designed basket / basket. • IA BLOCK (low element) - We will only succeed if we stick together.


IA block

(low element - low element) - We will only succeed if we stick together.


Flying squirrel

(high element) - How hard you will fly depends on the group. This station requires enough courage and sportsmanship.

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