Sports preparations

Sports preparations

Sports clubs and individuals have always been interested in sports preparations at Kope, recognizing the terrain with fresh, clean air, adapted food and other elements that are important for the athlete to prepare for the season as much as possible and achieve top results results.
We have quite a few excellent references for organizing active training of athletes, such as:
  • Football Association of Slovenia,
  • Handball Association of Slovenia,
  • Olympia Hockey Club
  • Hockey club Jesenice
  • Red Star Football Club,
  • Football club Voždovac,
  • FC Balzan Malta
  • FK Sarajevo,
  • Ilka Štuhec
  • Handball club Slovenj Gradec
  • Football club Fužinar
  • Ski club Vuzenica
  • Fužinar Ski Club
  • .. and much more!
Sports areas in Kope and nearby:
  • Football field (60 x 40m),
  • beach volleyball court
  • the city’s central football stadium with natural grass (100 x 65 m),
  • athletic stadium with tartan, long jump, high jump, javelin throw,
Take advantage of the excellent conditions and reach for the gold medal!
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