Carinthia, with its dense network of existing less busy and forested roads and trails with a growing network of cycle paths, offers many cycling opportunities, especially mountain biking and experiencing the unique landscape between the Alps and the Drava River.
We suggest some cycling wanderings and adrenaline adventures.


Getting to know local customs, habits and an interesting culinary experience

The cycling tour, which includes activities or sightseeing, will take you on a cycling adventure – through the wide, rich Pohorje forests, with beautiful exposed sections of the route that will offer beautiful views of the Mislinja Valley and its surroundings, on the other through the tour you will feel the rich tradition of Carinthian culture.

The route of the tour is past the traditional farm Lešnik, where you can refresh and relax by arrangement.

* As part of a guided tour, we have prepared workshops or tours of old farm chores for you, performed by colleagues from the Lešnik farm. Depending on the time of year, you will be able to try the following at the Lešnik farm:

Baking bread, licking corn, baking (blueberry / apple) strudel, pressing must, cooking brandy, pouring honey…

Of course, you will also be able to try your products later and enjoy real, natural home-made food.

During the all-day tour, you will enjoy cycling through the peaceful unspoiled nature, satisfying your eyes with beautiful views * and your palates with the true taste of Carinthian home-made food.

* note: valid only in case of guided, organized tours.

You can read more about the Lešnik farm on their Facebook page.

The first part of the route is a macadam descent through the Pohorje forests all the way to the Mislinja valley. This is followed by cycling through the Mislinja valley past Herčev mlin and a sawmill to the town center of Slovenj Gradec, where you will definitely find a place to rest and refresh yourself. Followed by cycling past the church of St. Jurij (unique church with a glass bottom) to the farm Lešnik and further through the beautiful landscape of Golava buka to the starting point of the route.

The route starts in front of Grmovšek’s home and leads us through the Pohorje forests of north-western Pohorje. Most of the route runs on macadam roads, and cyclists can enjoy the views of the sun’s rays shining through the large spruce forests on the emerald green Pohorje grass.


The route takes cyclists to Pauček’s hidden partisan hospitals, which are reached by a short, well-kept footpath. The hospitals are considered a monument in nature, and information boards are placed next to the buildings.

Just a few bends lower we can pour clean Pohorje water at a beautifully landscaped spring below Cajnska vila.

The second part of the tour leads through Kaštevski sedlo, crosses grassy ski slopes and leads through forests that grow in the north-eastern part of Pohorje. The ascent, which is a bit more demanding towards the end, ends at Petelinji jezero in the middle of the Pungart ski resort.

The tour ends with a short descent to Grmovškov dom to the starting point.

Cycle the entire Mislinja valley.

With our Shuttle transport, we drive to the starting point of the tour and start cycling along the old railway route, which took place in the Mislinja Valley many years ago.

We start cycling with an attractive ride over old bridges and through railway tunnels. The route is embedded in an interesting natural environment of pine trees and heather, which in this part of the route gives the tour an extra, magical touch.

After driving through the town of Mislinja, the route leads through the sunny Mislinja valley, among hop plantations with a view of the right Pohorje, the left Graškogorska hills and the striking Uršlja gora in the north.

On the way we stop at the cultural monument Herčev mlin and the sawmill for a short rest, and then continue driving towards Slovenj Gradec. We will drive through the old town, past the mighty medieval buildings and the old city walls, where you can smell the sweet scent of the Perger Sweet Boutique. By arrangement, we can also arrange for a viewing and presentation of the gallery performed by colleagues from the Perger Gallery. You can read more about the Perger Sweet Boutique on their website. We cycle the second part of the route along the Mislinja River all the way to Dravograd, where we drive over the old bridge, past the power plant dam to the town center, refresh ourselves and load our bikes on our Shuttle to return.

Go deep under Mount Peco

The all-day tour is planned as a two-year tour. With our shuttle vehicle we drive to Mežica, and then in the first part, under the auspices of colleagues from the Peca underground, you will set off on an underground experience either by bicycle or canoe. This remarkable experience will enchant you in every way.

The 5 km long journey through the abandoned tunnels of the mine, where traces of the hard work of miners are still known, is a truly extraordinary adventure.

The second part of the experience begins when we peek into the light again and set off on bicycles to explore nature above the Mežica Valley. The route will lead us past the mighty church of St. Ana na Lešeh and then towards Ivarčko Lake below Uršlja gora, which is the lowest lying alpine lake in Slovenia. From there we will cycle towards agritourism, where a short stop will follow. Then we continue cycling through Kotelj to the old town of Slovenj Gradec, where we are again waiting for the “Shuttle” and return to the starting point of the tour.

Pohorje forests, nature, meadows, secluded farms. All this and of course wonderful cycling in the north-eastern part of Pohorje.

The tour leads through quiet, remote parts of Pohorje, along macadam roads past many streams that flow through the Pohorje hills and flow into the valley. It leads to the Pesnik mountain hut, where beautiful views of the Drava valley begin to open up and further along the stream to the picturesque village of Ribnica on Pohorje. Drive through the center and continue right to the end of the village, looking for Aunt Lena’s farms, * where you can relax and enjoy a souvenir from their home shop. You can read more about Aunt Lena’s farm on their website: Aunt Lena’s farm.

Initially, a quick descent from Ribnica along the regional road soon replaces the long ascent towards the starting point. The tour takes us along the lower north-eastern Pohorje, past the church of St. Bolfenka and the mighty Westphalian linden trees towards the meadows below Velika kopa. Before the tour ends, it is worth making another circle around the Rooster Lake and only then descend to the starting point of the tour.

* Prior notice is required to view the farm or purchase in their store.

The route starts in front of Grmovšek’s hut and leads us through the Pohorje forests, which stretch over the right bank of the Drava river. The first part of the route runs along grawel forest roads, while the second, lowland part winds over scenic meadows above the Drava valley.

On the tour you will enjoy cycling through Pohorje hills, you will ride past the mighty Westphalian linden tree beside the tree there is an old church of St. Bolfenk. Along the way you will be able to observe the Pohorje farms, made a stop at the church of St. Anton on Pohorje and relax in the shade of the ruins of the old Pisterjev Castle above Vuzenica.

From here there is a short descent and a ride over old town Vuzenica over the Drava bridge, where the route joins the Drava cycling route. After a few kilometers along the Drava River, the tour ends at the natural lake Radlje, where you can refresh yourself and cool off in pleasant water.

The starting point of the tour is in front of Grmovsek hut. Cycling starts along the southern slope of Pohorje above the Mislinja Valley and with views of the »Karavanke« and »Kamnisko-Savinske« Alps.

The first part of the route is the descent into the Mislinja valley, which takes us on macadam roads to the upper part of the valley. We continue on less busy roads, past the church of St. Andraz, Hercev mill and sawmill, down the valley along the river Mislinja to Slovenj Gradec old town. The route passes Perger’s Lect Gallery and their museum, where you can see and taste the masterpieces of world-famous Lect masters. From the Perger Gallery, head back to the center of Slovenj Gradec, where you can recharge your batteries in the Rovando Center and, if necessary, your bike can be taken care of by a master cyclist.

Short walk to Slovenj Gradec old town will bring you a lack of cozy bars, ice cream parlors and confectioneries.

The return to the hills begins with the ascent towards Kremzar’s peak. In the middle of the ascent, crossroads takes you towards the Church of St. Barbara and further in the direction of Partizanka and »Kastivsko sedlo«. Pohorje forests are replaced by Pohorje meadows, where ski resorts are arranged in winter. At the end, the route leads to Lake Petelinje above Grmovsek hut, from where only a short descent to the starting point of the tour follows.

The trail starts in Mislinja at  Štrekna and then takes you through Mislinja, to Dovže, where you start to climb through Razborca towards Jerloška seča, from where the last ascent towards Kope follows. From the top you then descend back into the valley and drive through Dovže towards the main road Mislinja-Slovenj Gradec, where you join Štrekna, which takes you back to the beginning of the path.

The length of the tour is 35 km and 1029 altitude meters


The package includes:

  • Acoomodation in Lukov dom in rooms with bathroom
  • 2x half board (buffet breakfast and dinner)
  • 1x whole day rental of electric bicycle
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi on location

Price: 139,00 EUR / person 

  • Children under 6 are accompanied by parents are FREE.
  • Children from 6 – 14 years have 30% discount on the upper prices.
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